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Roman Artyomov has performed on BelGameDev Meetup with a talk on the subject "Legal Aspects of the Game Industry"


All clients of BusinessAdvisers became residents of HTP


Partners of BusinessAdvisers participated in the international conference held in Skolkovo


BusinessAdvisers company acted as one of founders of "Support and Development of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology" Association.


Within legal support of the China Telecom Global Limited company...



Life in a century of high technologies differs in the speed and saturation. And being in a flow of information people not always think whether they act according to the legislation or not. So, for example, the majority of content used by you can be protected by copyright, thus by downloading the image on the Internet, listening to music online you can break the law.


Increasingly in great interweb we can find such definition as start-up, cryptoplaform and ICO. The higher public interest to this definition, the more questions arises: What is it ICO? How to create ICO? How to cash in on ICO? Where the best place to create ICO


BusinessAdvisers - law and tax firm

BusinessAdvisers Law&Tax Firm ("BusinessAdvisers") is a leading law firm in Belarus, which focuses on attestation of foreign design, construction and engineering companies in the Republic of Belarus, legal support of projects in the spheres of design, construction and real estate, power engineering, oil and gas, IT, IP and telecommunications, legal support of companies entering the Hi-Tech Park, protection of IP rights, attracting foreign investments and project financing, M&A, public-private partnership (PPP), international arbitration in the field of construction, energy / oil / gas, and investment disputes.

One-of-a-kind practice of BusinessAdvisers is legal support of Chinese projects in the Republic of Belarus. The firm possesses unique competences and extensive experience on implementation of numerous projects of Chinese companies in Belarus, and that is how BusinessAdvisers deserved the high trust of our Chinese Clients that recommend our practice all new Chinese companies entering Belarusian market. 

BusinessAdvisers' Partners and Lawyers render services at the highest level of the professional legal community and use international standards and the best practices for Clients in their work.

Leading law firms in China, Russia, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Italy, Switzerland, Serbia, Hong Kong, the United States and Great Britain are our trusted partners, what allows our Clients to feel absolutely confident and calm when BusinessAdvisers accompanies their projects in any of these jurisdictions.

We are unique law firm, which combines wide experience of Partners and energy of young Lawyers, deep knowledge and professional expertise, traditional approaches and modern world digital tendencies. Long years of successful practice in famous law firms, international companies, implementation of projects in Europe, China, USA allows BusinessAdvisers render their Clients the highest level services. 

The high level of our services is confirmed by impressive list of completed projects and the trust of our Clients, who represent well-known companies, included in Global Fortune 500, Top Contractor 250, Top Best 100 Outsource company, and etc.

Our advantages

Perfect quality of legal services supported by more than 15 years of successful practicing experience in the Republic of Belarus.
We strive to get the best possible results and to solve specific client's problems. Our solutions are unconventional.
Efficiency. We work at the client's pace. We accept your deadlines.
Sincere service: honesty and openness towards our customers. We do more for clients than they expect.
Responsibility and professionalism. Attention to detail.
We know how everything really works.

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