BusinessAdvisers Law&Tax firm successfully and professionally provides a full range of services for design and construction certification of foreign companies from China, Austria, Lithuania, Germany, Croatia, the Russian Federation in the Republic of Belarus. We help to obtain certificates for the development of pre-project (pre-investment) documentation, performance of functions of the General Designer (1-4 grade of complexity), development of sections of project documentation for construction of objects of 1-4 classes of complexity (all sections), performance of functions of the General Contractor (1-2 category) and construction of objects of 1-4 grade of complexity (all sections), the provision of engineering services in the Republic of Belarus.

Leveraging the experience of our managing partner Anatoly Rozhkov, who accompanied many construction projects in Belarus and abroad, our company is able to provide full support for projects in construction from the stage of negotiation and coordination of documents, to full implementation of the project.

We contribute to obtaining all permits, license and certificates in construction in the Republic of Belarus, resolving controversial issues not only with government agencies, but also with foreign contractors (According to Presidential Decree No. 26 of January 14, 2014 “On measures to improve construction activities” in the Republic of Belarus introduced mandatory certification of compliance of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs carrying out architectural, urban planning, fueling activities (their components), as well as performing work on the inspection of buildings and structures).

BusinessAdvisers Law&Tax firm professionally provides foreign and Belarusian companies with the following services in the field of obtaining all necessary documents, permits, license, certificates for carrying out design, construction, general contracting, engineering services in the Republic of Belarus:

  • Preparation of all necessary documents, passing the procedure for confirming technical competence, obtaining a Certificate of Technical Competence;
  • Certification of specialists, staff, foreign employees, preparation for passing examinations, obtaining qualification certificates for employees;
  • Obtaining certificates of compliance for all declared activities;
  • Passing the compliance procedure and obtaining the Certificates of compliance for the functions of a General Contractor, construction, General Designer, design work, development and implementation of a labour protection management system in a construction, engineering and engineering company;
  • Development and implementation of the ISO9001 quality management system and obtaining a certificate of STB ISO9001-2015 in construction in the Republic of Belarus;
  • Support in purchasing of necessary measuring instruments and their verification;
  • Control of all documentation in the field of construction certification and certification;
  • Obtaining the necessary permits from the Gosstroynadzor, government decisions for the start of design and construction;
  • State registration of rights to real estate and transactions with it;
  • Registration of rights to land, the resolution of land issues in the conclusion of real estate transactions, the implementation of construction projects;
  • Conclusion and support of investment contracts, attraction of foreign financing for the implementation of investment and construction projects in the Republic of Belarus;
  • Legal assistance at all stages of construction of the facility: obtaining positive approval of state bodies, obtaining permits, preparing, developing, agreeing, examining pre-project and project documentation, carrying out construction works, conducting procurement, technical supervision, commissioning, rental relations, registration of an object and ownership rights to it.