Whether it is possible to download images from the Internet with impunity?


Life in a century of high technologies differs in speed and saturation. And being in a flow of information of people not always thinks it arrives according to the legislation or not. So, for example, the majority of content used by you is under protection of an author's right, thus downloading the image on the Internet, listening to music online you can break the law.

At the moment the legislation in the field of the Author's right makes great success, it is already more difficult to use piracy products and punishment not only beats pockets, but can change the habitual course of life.

Nevertheless, the problem remains. But catastrophic it is in the area the Internet of images and photos. Most of the people didn't get used that having come into popular Internet search engines and having downloaded from there images can file a lawsuit against them.

What is the intellectual property? Intellectual property – it is an area of the right which regulates the legal relationship connected with creation and use of results of creative activities.

The intellectual property extends to such objects as:
- literary works.
- pieces of music.
- works of the fine arts.
- photos
- software, etc.

Thus, roughly speaking everything that is made by means of intellectual activities falls under protection of an author's right.

How to use pleasant images, to listen to music, to use computer programs? Pay the author is the easiest way to for uses of his works. Unfortunately at us, it is not the most popular method since most of the people still consider: everything that there is floating around the Internet everything free. But there are both legal and free methods of acquisition of intellectual property items:

1. Works can be used after the death of the author + 50 years. That is from the date of death of the author there shall pass 50 years for legal use of works.
2. With the author's permission. Thus if the author posts the works on the Internet space and specifies information that everyone then work will be free and free for use can use them.
3. The easiest way is image banks, the websites with which cooperate with resources authors, thus it is possible not only to purchase a desirable object for money, but also to use free of charge.

Bringing to a result, one may say, that to use pictures, photos, music, movies in the Internet it is possible, but it is very careful also according to the legislation.