Yaroslav Kot Appointed Regional Coordinator of the International Association of Game Developers (IGDA)


Yaraslau I. Kot, Partner of BusinessAdvisers Law&Tax Firm, was appointed regional coordinator of the International Game Developers Association (IGDA) for Eastern Europe and Asia.

The International Game Developers Association is the world's largest Association of game developers, with more than 120 divisions around the world. The main purpose of the Association is to assist independent developers, companies and educational institutions in forming a dialogue between government agencies and industry, etc. IGDA is the founder and organizer of numerous gaming industry events, including the world’s largest and most famous gaming business conference, Game Developers Conference, as well as the most popular gaming Hackathon, Global Game Jam, and others.

Allow us to remind you that a regional division of IGDA Belarus was opened and operates in Belarus with the assistance of BusinessAdvisers Law&Tax Firm  (https://igda.org/chapters/belarus/).

We are happy to congratulate Yaraslau I. Kot on his appointment to a new position!