Due diligence

Legal due diligence is a complex legal assessment procedure of the company and its activity including assessment of risks and complex check of its financial state and situation in the market.

While carrying out assessment, activity of the company is investigated regarding compliance to requirements of the legislation and risks of possible claims on behalf of contractors and public authorities are assessed.

The main procedures of legal due diligence, which are carried out by our firm:

  • Identification of business risks, claims on behalf of contractors and public authorities;
  • Analysis of foundation documents, check of property rights of the company's founders;
  • Analysis of the company's rights to movable and immovable property, financial investments in capitals of other companies;
  • Assessment of legality of securities issue activity;
  • Check of disputes with the third parties, the existence of judicial proceedings, arrests of property;
  • Verification of necessary licenses for business activity;
  • Legitimacy of the decisions made by governing bodies of the company;
  • The analysis of compliance with the labour law.