Сommercial practice

In the course of commercial activity, there is often a need to draft contract / a series of contracts, to analyse the validity of contract's terms, to develop the optimum scheme for contractual relations, to obtain a legal opinion on transaction, to raise funds for project implementation, etc.

When entering into contractual relationship, the success of transaction depends not only on the chosen counterparty, but also on the competent formalization of the arising relations, the correct tactics during negotiations. If the contract misses at least one essential condition, then such a contract is not concluded, if the contract is contrary to the law, it is void. When conducting certain types of business, obtaining permissions, licenses or other documents can be required, however, the process of obtaining these documents can be not that easy, and conducting business without them is illegal.  
Experts of BusinessAdvisers Law&Tax commercial practice are engaged in all above-mentioned and other actions and procedures. We have wide experience in development of business schemes, drafting legal documents, negotiations.

Commercial practice renders the following types of legal services:

  • Drafting and legal analysis of documents (contracts, investment agreements, acts, protocols, etc.);
  • Assessment of contractual risks;
  • Development of business models taking into account the interests of the client;
  • Preparation of legal opinions on transactions;
  • Consulting on issues of obtaining permitting documents (licenses, certificates, attestation, etc.);
  • Representation of clients' interests in negotiations, in relations with public authorities;
  • Consulting on issues of foreign economic activity, currency regulation, customs legislation;
  • Analysis of dealer and distributor agreements.